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Access to and use of the Website and availing of the mobile phone, tablet, and other Devices repair services available through this Website /Physical or any other medium (collectively, the “Services” or "Repairs") are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices (the “Terms”). By using the Services, you are agreeing to all of the Terms, as may be updated by us from time to time.
Because these Terms are a legal contract between you, the Website and Virtual Assistant Solutions (collectively, “makemymobile”), it is important that you review the Terms carefully before accessing or participating or availing of our Services. These Terms are not intended to alter in any way or limit the terms or conditions of any other agreement that you may have with MakeMyMobile


  • We may change the Terms or modify any features of the Website at any time at our sole discretion. The most current version of the Terms can be viewed by clicking on the “Terms of Service” section on the Website. If you continue to use the Website and the Services provided through them after changes are posted, you will be deemed to have accepted the change.
  • These Terms shall come into force from the date your device (“Device”) comes into the possession of our representative(s) and shall continue until we have repaired or otherwise returned your Device, and received any payment due from you, whichever is later.


  • We shall make all commercially reasonable efforts to repair the Device subject to the availability of any parts required and/or the terms of any relevant guarantee or warranty, using reasonable care and skill.
  • We shall provide you with a time estimate for completion of the Service. This may however be only an estimate, and does not form a binding obligation on MakeMyMobile under these Terms.
  • If we are unable to complete the Service for any reason, or we estimate that completion of the Services will result in further costs payable by you, we shall notify you within reasonable time.
  • If a certain spare part is not available with MakeMyMobile then we shall try to procure the part for you with you else the Device shall be returned to you without any repair.
  • You shall receive a call/SMS/email from an MakeMyMobile representative informing you about the completion status of the Device, following which you are requested to collect your Device within thirty (30) days of such intimation. MakeMyMobile will not be liable for any Devices post the expiry of this period. Devices not collected within a thirty (30) day period from the date of intimation from MakeMyMobile shall be disposed off or scrapped or sold off in order to recover our cost of repairs. We will also make our best efforts to offer delivery or other modes to return the Device back to you in case you are unable to physically collect the device. You can also choose to send a representative to collect the device in such cases by informing us via writing or in electronic form about the same.
  • You may place a request for pick-up of your Device through the Website.The Device shall be picked up and delivered at the same address provided by you. The acknowledgement provided to you at the same of handing over the Device to our representative is required for all pick-ups, as proof of receipt. An additional job sheet or service document may be provided to you in an electronic form as well.
  • You may place a request for pick-up of your Device through the Website.The Device shall be picked up and delivered at the same address provided by you. The acknowledgement provided to you at the same of handing over the Device to our representative is required for all pick-ups, as proof of receipt. An additional job sheet or service document may be provided to you in an electronic form as well.
  • In certain circumstances, MakeMyMobile may send your Device to another repair centre and sub-contract the repair work to a third party.
  • In case of Doorstep repair service or Onsite repair service which is carried out at the address of the customer, the customer is liable to pay a minimum service charge. You also understand that not all issues are solvable onsite in which case our personnel may collect the device and bring it back to our of our service centre/hub/workshop or partner for repairs.


  • Where repair is to be carried out under a relevant guarantee or warranty, you shall be required to provide sufficient proof of such guarantee or warranty.
  • If the nature of the repair is not covered by a guarantee or warranty, or falls outside the terms of the warranty or guarantee claimed by you, any such repair to these Device, or part(s) thereof, shall be chargeable at standard rates. We shall notify you of any such charge prior to undertaking any work. In exceptional circumstances where the cost of repair of the Device cannot be determined before, you shall be notified on the cost of repair after the completion of the repair.
  • If MakeMyMobile is unable to repair the Device, or no fault is found on in the Device, the required spare part is unavailable, or the fee estimate or additional costs quoted are not accepted by you, your Device shall be returned to you unrepaired, and MakeMyMobile reserves the right to charge you minimum service fee in accordance with our standard charges.
  • MakeMyMobile conducts testing both before and after repair to identify any additional faults with your device. We will notify you of any faults, or additional repairs that may be required and will request your approval before proceeding. MakeMyMobile shall not be liable if additional faults are identified as a result of the repair process itself.
  • You are required to check the device and its functionalities on collecting the device back from our service centre or on delivery of the device back to you. If there is any issue or problem which is present or which was not rectified, please bring it to our notice via call or email or in person within 72 hours of return of the device to you. If notified within this period, we shall rectify the same without any additional charges provided the problem or issue reported with the Device was not a pre-existing one nor was it a problem or issue which was already highlighted to you or any of your representatives during our repair process. For problems reported which You had earlier denied repair for and now would like to solve, MakeMyMobile would you on the cost and time required to solve the same which may be an addition to any time or cost previously notified. If no problem is highlighted within this time period, it is agreed by MakeMyMobile and You that all issues are solved and the Device is returned to you in a satisfactory condition.
  • MakeMyMobile shall not be liable for any additional problems which arise or are brought to our notice after 72 hours from the date of returning the device to You or any of your representatives. Any such problems will be treated as new problems and service or repairs for such problems with the Device may be charged for additionally.
  • For all Devices given to us for repairs which are in a condition wherein the functionalities of the Device cannot be tested, which may include but not limited to not powering on, dead device, touch screen not responsive, not booting up, no display, not charging and more; MakeMyMobile shall not be liable for any faults known or found during repairs or diagnosis since we would not be able to complete our pre repair test. All such faults found shall be intimated to You in reasonable time during the repair process along with the solution or costs if any.
  • In case of repairs where You or any of your representatives approves for a Motherboard or Chip Level or L3 or L4 or Circuit or IC related repair, You understand that there is a risk of the device ceasing to function altogether since repairs of such nature are very risky. We shall make best efforts to avoid the same but in such repairs, MakeMyMobile shall not be liable for any loss of the device's functionality, parts or data of or in the Device or any loss to You in any kind as a result of the same. For repairs of such nature, a minimum service charge may apply since there is a cost of consumables, logistics and labor which You agree to pay regardless if the Repair is successful or not.


  • All refunds are at the discretion of company.
  • Refund requests must be submitted within 7 days of the purchase. Buyer has to give written consent for refund via writing or electronic form or communication. Post the 7 day period, refund requests cannot be made and will be given in form of credit.
  • No cash refunds even if payment made in cash originally. Refund will be made via bank transfer or electronically only.
  • Refund will be made in name of original buyer only.
  • Refund process will be initiated after approved internally.
  • Refund for parts, which are still in working condition but have been used for more than a week will be not entertained as we will not be able to sell those as new parts.
  • No refund of minimum/diagnosis service charges paid.
  • Refunds may take 7-10 business working days from date of internal approval.
  • In case of any other issues which are not covered in the policy, please write in to support@MakeMyMobile.co.in


The website is provided on an “as is” basis, and use of the website is at the user’s risk. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the website is provided without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from this website will create any warranty not expressly stated herein. Without limiting the foregoing, makemymobile, its subsidiaries, its affiliates, and its licensors do not warrant that the content found on the website is accurate, reliable or correct; that the website will meet your requirements; that the website will be available at any particular time or location, uninterrupted or secure; that any defects or errors will be corrected; or that the website is free of viruses or other harmful components.


  • You are required to take a backup of all data on your Device prior to handing it over for Service, and MakeMyMobile shall not be held responsible for any loss of data.
  • In no circumstance shall MakeMyMobile be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential loss arising out of or in connection with these Terms, including any loss of business, revenue, profits, anticipated savings, goodwill or any other indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever arising.
  • MakeMyMobile shall not be liable for any claim arising under these Terms unless you provide us written notice of your claim within seven (72) hours subsequent to the Device being collected from MakeMyMobile after repair.


  • In the case of any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with or relating to this Agreement, termination or invalidity hereof, the Parties shall attempt to first resolve such dispute or claim through discussions among the Parties.
  • If the dispute is not resolved through such discussions within thirty (30) days after one entity has served a written notice on the other entity requesting the commencement of discussions, the dispute or claim shall be finally settled by arbitration, without recourse to the ordinary courts of law, in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, as in force at the time of the dispute, which shall be deemed to be a part of this Agreement by reference.
  • For the purpse of such arbitration, there shall be three (3) arbitrators (the "Arbitration Board"). MakeMyMobile shall jointly appoint one arbitrator and you shall be entitled to jointly appoint one arbitrator, and the two arbitrators shall then jointly appoint a third arbitrator, who shall serve as the chairman of the Arbitration Board.
  • All Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English language and the place of arbitration shall be in Jamshedpur.
  • Each Party shall co-operate in good faith to expedite (to the maximum extent practicable) the conduct of any arbitral proceedings commenced under the Agreement.
  • Except as may be otherwise determined by the Arbitration Board: (a) each disputing Party shall pay its own fees, disbursements and other charges of its counsel and the arbitrators nominated by it, and (b) the costs and expenses of the arbitration, including, the fees of the third arbitrator on the Arbitration Board, shall be borne equally by each Part to the dispute or claim.
  • The Arbitration Board shall have the power to award interest on any sum awarded pursuant to the arbitration proceedings and such sum shall carry interest, if awarded, until the actual payment of such amounts.
  • Any award made by the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on each of the Parties.


These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India, and the courts of Jamshedpur shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any dispute arising hereunder.
All notice required to be given under these Terms shall be addressed to:
Mobtech(makemymobile), N-road, Bistupur, Jamshedpur 831001, jharkhand, India Or support@makemymobile.co.in.